Hernandez Family
We are so blessed to be able to serve the Lord and the people of Nicaragua as country directors of Convoy of Hope and Latin America ChildCare.  Please take a few moments and see what God is doing in Nicaragua and how you can be a part of it!
The largest country in Central America (about the size of New York State), Nicaragua is filled with natural beauty from its 25 volcanoes to the largest freshwater lake in Central America to its mountains and beaches.  But in the midst of this lush tropical country lies a great need! As the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, an average person lives on just $480 a year, 48% live below the poverty line, and 46% are either unemployed or underemployed.  800,000 children are not able to attend school each year, and 36% of those who do begin school will not graduate the 6th grade.  The need is great and Latin America ChildCare and Convoy of Hope are working together to bring hope.  By meeting physical needs, they are able  to meet spiritual needs as well bringing the good news of Christ!
Km 12.5 Carretera a Masaya, Entrada Villas del Prado
60 mts. Oeste, 50 mts. al Sur, a M/I
(505) 279-8931